Environmental Consulting and Design

Melrose Contracting Corp's environmental division specializes in coastal environmental planning, land use regulations, shoreline stabilization and permit acquisition for both residential and commercial building of all types

How It Works

At Melrose Contracting Corp we have the ability to draw upon our 25 years of experience in both the environmental field and in the construction business as well. Our clients include private homeowners, marinas, yacht clubs and associations. We work with property owners, developers and businesses to find a reasonable middle ground that complies with the many environmental laws and ordinances.

The process starts with a face to face sit down where we discuss, you the owners, concept and what aspects of it are of the most importance. Once we fully understand your goals we will then put together a preliminary plan that we feel is within the local land use regulations. Once we have a concept that is acceptable we then either go to the required agencies or consult with one of our professional engineer colleagues for review. Our goal is to go the extra mile doing footwork and then submitting a complete and hopefully acceptable applications, therefore limiting the amount of time spent with revisions.

There are many factors to consider when planning a project to build or reconstruct. Compliance with storm water runoff, sanitary and other drainage related regulations are more challenging than ever. We can help you to navigate this ever changing sea of regulations