Services, Technologies and Equipment


Starting in1990 Melrose Marine Service, Inc. has worked to develop specialized equipment, systems and methods for remediation of contaminated sites both underwater and upland. We were instrumental in developing the Seaway Environmental Technologies system of marine dredging. We handle all phases of environmental site clean-up work from initial assessment and planning to developing of new systems tailored to a specific site to implementation and physical remediation and restoration of natural vegetation.
Environmental Services Site assessment and project planning
Core Sampling, Test Holes, Water Sampling
Pre and Post Dredge Bathometric Surveys Remediation of contaminated soils - Hydrocarbons, Heavy Metals, VOC's
Environmental Dredging - closed type buckets and control zone technologies Tank removal Beach Restoration
Barrier Wall Installation
Spil and Contamination Containment Technologies and Equipment Environment Clam Shell buckets
Control Zone Technology systems
Environmental Dredges
Water Processing Systems
De-sanders and Hydro-cyclone equipment
Centrifugal and Self Priming Pumps - diesel and electric
Hydraulic Power Units
Barges, Work Boats, Skimmers, and other specialized marine equipment