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Design and Permit Acquisition Plan, Present and Build Todays permitting process is complicated, taking a project from, "Concept to a Reality" takes a real effort. At Melrose Contracting Corp we don't rush in to things, careful planning combined with years of experience working with government agencies allows us to get most permits with a minimal amount of revisions after initial submission.
Waterfront property owners are often faced with the need to protect their investment by installing shoreline stabilization structures. There are many options with varying costs and functionality, with local and regional agencies constantly changing their regulations it can be difficult to know what is, "an acceptable structure". Ask for too much and you will have your application rejected, wasting months if not years. Go for the easy "Sure Thing" and you may have to settle for far less than you'd like to. The same goes for docks and piers, where applying for a catwalk with 4x4 posts and plastic grated decking may be easy to get approved, you have to ask yourself, "Will that be strong enough to moor my boat to?". The myth that the DEC is not approving new docks is just that a myth. New docks are being approved, the key is to know where to draw the line. We have worked to acquire permits for everything from floating docks and bulkheads to dredging and remediation of contaminated sites & their adjacent waterways and enjoy a good rapport with all government agencies. We maintain relationships with a number of marine engineering and surveying firms and work closely with them to build structures that are "built to last" while understanding that cost always matters. With Melrose Contracting Corp you get one company to bring your "Idea to a Reality"
Experienced design professionals Accurate CAD drawings that are easily modified In house soil, and core sampling via our Environmental Division A company whose main focus is on getting things built Long standing good relationships with government agencies Our network of Engineers, Surveyors, and industry experts


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